Navigating the complex world of healthcare has become a huge challenge for companies and employees. Between health insurance exchanges and the fines of the Affordable Care Act, there are a lot of questions and uncertainty. Now more than ever employees look toward their employers for affordable benefits. 1 Source has unique solutions to today’s group health insurance problems. Oftentimes, we can increase the benefits your employees receive at a lower cost. Ask us how!

1 Source Solutions

1 Source offers a unique solution to today’s health insurance environment. Much like being part of an association, when you become part of our large group, you have access to our full array of insurance offerings for you and your employees. 1 source has networks and coverages throughout all 50 states.

5 Health Plans

Our 5 different health plan options give you a variety of healthcare choices for your company.

Vision Insurance

We provide vision insurance as a helpful benefit for all our clients.

2 Health Savings Accounts

1 Source offers your business 2 different options in health savings accounts.