Risk Management

As your HR Partner we provide you with a proactive Risk Management Assessment to address areas of concern and possible liabilities you may be faced with. Our team understands the many employment-related rules and regulations, and will use their knowledge and experience to make certain you are in compliance with them while reducing your risks.

Manage Risk with 1 Source

Our Risk Management Assessment program helps you manage your workplace safely and deal with issues such as workers’ compensation policy, safety programs, and more. We provide wage and hour education, as well as free regular training to clients in areas of risk.

Additionally, we provide guidance and assistance in helping you with acts and laws pertaining to health and risk in the workplace. This includes the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, state wage and hour laws, and many more. We will help guide your business smoothly through any potential complications.

Safety Program Evaluation

1 Source will evaluate your existing safety programs and make improvements that may be necessary.

Legal Assistance

We will assist your business with acts and laws involving potential complications in the workplace.

Workers Comp

Our compensation assistance is a valuable asset to your company and is offered to all our clients.